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Surrey Asbestos Specialist

If you’re looking for complete asbestos removal in or around Surrey then Surrey Asbestos Specialists can provide you with many years of experience in removing and tackling asbestos.

Our fully experienced team is licensed for the safe removal of any asbestos that you might have. We can guarantee that we will tackle any scope of project that you can think of proving to our clientele that we are the best asbestos removal company in Surrey and perhaps even in the United Kingdom.

Our Services

What Can We Help You With Today?


Asbestos Sampling and Testing

We dampen the area around the asbestos take a sample of the asbestos in the area you wish for it to be removed. Then we analyse the asbestos filled area and see what kind of operation we think we would need to do to see about removing it.


Asbestos Removal

There are many ways in which we can remove the asbestos within your concerned area. What we would do is analyse the asbestos via the sample we take and then discuss with ourselves and you the best course of action that would be beneficial to both parties.


Asbestos Garage Removal

Asbestos garage removal can be a bit more tricky in the case that there could be extremely large areas which are asbestos filled. In this case, after analysing the area our extremely capable team will contact you and inform you of the best possible manner to remove the asbestos infected area. With a garage this can be a lengthy process, so please organise the best time for us accordingly.


Asbestos Shed Removal

If your shed is filled with asbestos then we are more than likely going to have to safely and securely take down the shed whilst we remove the asbestos. That is the worst case scenario as sometimes it can be quick and easy, it all depends on the amount of asbestos that your shed has within it.


Asbestos Roof Removal and Replacement

Asbestos roof removal of either your home or other space can be quite the long undertaking as more than likely to cost you more due to how long it will take. After analysing the extent of the asbestos filled roof our professional team will inform you of the work that they will need to do.


Dawes Waste

Dawes Waste and Recycling is a top-rated rubbish removal company based in Surrey. We specialize in all kinds of business waste removal and work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as domestic properties







Free estimates are provided for all work so please request a quote or ask about our competitive asbestos sampling and testing prices.

Why Choose Us

We are the best Asbestos Removal Surrey service you could wish for.

Fully Licensed and insured Waste Carrier

All asbestos waste is disposed of at approved sites and all proof of ethical disposal is supplied to client

Surrey is known for its extravagance and it’s a shame that there is still an abundance of asbestos filled buildings. But worry not, we provide one of the most professional asbestos removal services in Surrey. You can rest assured that we provide a great service which you will be happy with, regardless of the size of the project that you have for us as we put customer first in every single way imaginable. We will always give our best with every project that you have for us!

What Our Clients Say
  • Very pleased with the service given. Company was flexible and able to come at times that suited me. Definitely would recommend.

    House, garage and shed clearance.
  • I requested many bin bags of rubbish to be removed. The work was completed quickly, efficiently and cleanly. The cost was very reasonable. Highly recommended

    Cleared lots of rubbish bags.
  • Lee was very courteous. He arrived a few minutes early and got right to work. My back garden now looks lovely and clean and free of rubbish!

    Collection of rubbish from a garden shed.
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