Asbestos Shed Roof Removal in Surrey Including Testing and Safe Asbestos Disposal

The team at Surrey Asbestos Specialists have over twenty years of experience of dismantling and removing asbestos Shed roofs in Surrey, London and the South East of the UK. We are licensed hazardous waste disposal professionals and members of UKATA and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards for our clients.

We offer a one stop solution for all Asbestos related problems including Garage and Shed roof removal and replacement. We offer comprehensive testing and surveys for property re-furbishment if required.

Is it Asbestos?

If you think that your Shed roof has Asbestos tiling or corrugated sheets, then the wisest course of action is to call Surrey Asbestos Specialists on Tel: 07714 655584 and arrange for an Asbestos test. Tests that we carry our are sent to UKAS Certified Laboratories and test results are generally provided within fourty eight hours or less. The report will simply outline whether Asbestos is present and which kind of Asbestos it is. If the nuisance substance is found, Surrey Asbestos Specialists can then provide a suitable course of action to dismantle and remove the offending roof.

Asbestos Shed Roof Removal or Complete Removal

In some instances our clients decide to completely remove the entire shed structure, we offer a complete demolition and waste solution service, we have Electricians and Plumbers at hand to handle the shutting off of Power and Water (if required) We take care of everything for you and will leave the site clean and safe, ready for whatever you have planned for the new space.

On other occaisions, only the roof can be dismantled and removed and a new plastic or rubber shed roof installed. We can provide various solutions for a new cost effective roof . Whatever the problem and budget, we can help providing you with a solution.

Asbestos Cleared and Site Left Clean and Safe

After the job is complete, all Asbestos waste is disposed of in Cerified Government waste sites and we always provide our clients with consignment notes as proof, so you can be assured that the dangerous asbestos waste is properly disposed of.  We take the utmost care when dealing with Asbestos and the safety of our customers and staff is always the highest priority.

Surrey’s Asbestos Problems Solved!

Asbestos roofs were very common on sheds built before 2000, corrugated Asbestos sheets and tiles were a common site. Many buildings thoughout Surrey still have Asbestos garage and shed roofs are one of the most common places where the substance can still be found. If you think you may have Asbestos in your garage or shed, then do not attempt to handle the removal yourself. Asbestos is at its most dangerous when disturbed, the tiny fibres that can be released are known to be the cause of several different types of cancer and lung conditions. Dont take the risk, call us on Tel: 07714 655584

Why Was Asbestos Used If Its So Dangerous?

Asbestos was primarily used because of its cheap cost and very effective heat and fire resistance, Garage roofs with corrugated sheets or roof tiles were commonly seen across the UK,  Government legistlation set out by the HSE now reccomends these sheets be removed when identified. If you suspect Asbestos on your property, do not try and handle the removal yourself. Call : 07714 655584 for advice and free quotations.

Dont Handle Asbestos Removal Yourself. Call the Experts Today.

Removing Asbestos can be dangerous and difficult and is a job for certified UKATA experts like Surrey Asbestos Specialists.

f you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate and give us a call. One of our team can discuss what your best plan of action may be. We cover the Home Counties, Surrey, London and the South East.

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Surrey Asbestos Specialists are part of the Dawes Waste Mangement Group.

Our Services Include:

  • Asbestos Testing – UKAS Certified Laboratories
  • Asbestos Waste Management
  • Garage and Shed Roof Removal
  • Garage and Shed Roof Replacement
  • Asbestos Refurbishment Surveys
  • Asbestos Management Surveys
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  • Commercial and Private Premises
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