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Surrey Asbestos Specialists is your best option when it comes to the removal, clearance and discarding of asbestos safely in the beautiful English town of Esher which is located in the vibrant county of Surrey. Feel free to reach us at [email protected] or call us on 07714 65584 for more information on the services we offer.

In 1983, a set of novel asbestos licensing guidelines were introduced thus bringing with them a new way of dealing with the clearance and disposal of asbestos which had been a dangerous thorn in the side of both the government and citizens alike for far too long. This is because of the long term danger of the toxic and potentially deadly nature of asbestos.

In-depth Training

We have trained with the UK Training Asbestos Association (UKATA) as members with a view of maintaining and enhancing health standards when handling asbestos. UKATA is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 with a view of becoming the leading institute in the asbestos industry as far as training is concerned.
It is a distinguished and well renowned establishment because of the high caliber of training it has passed down to its members based on the prevailing Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations. We therefore only work with experts and professionals who have successfully gone through the rigorous UKATA training and are thus equipped to follow the designated rules and regulations when it comes to the handling of asbestos.

Standardised Testing

We also strictly adhere to P402 asbestos testing standards that assist our surveying teams in ensuring proper identification, analysis and evaluation of materials containing asbestos. In order to facilitate accurate diagnosis of these substances, we ensure that their samples are sent to nationally accredited laboratories run by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Services Offered

Surrey Asbestos Specialists offers solutions for effective and efficient asbestos clearance and discarding in a wide range of places. These include:
Garage Removal

Asbestos garages usually have inner as well as outer asbestos cement roofing sheets and walls. These may become hazardous and even pose great health risks especially when they are mangled to the point where their encapsulating materials begin to give way. This in turn may lead to the releasing of poisonous asbestos fibres into the atmosphere that may bring devastating effects.

If this is the predicament you are currently facing, be sure to contact Survey Asbestos Specialists for professional asbestos handling as opposed to removing it yourself which may be potentially fatal.

Removal from Industrial Sites

Industrial sites usually tend to have asbestos containing materials in terms of either waste or as by-products of their various manufacturing processes. Any kind of waste whose asbestos make-up is more than 0.1 % is potentially carcinogenic and should therefore be handled through professional asbestos practitioners.
Surrey Asbestos Specialists offer accredited services in the labelling, storing, transporting and disposal of industrial asbestos waste. We also offer asbestos removal services in piping, tiling as well as roofing.

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