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Surrey Asbestos Specialists cover Richmond and Barnes and the surrounding areas for Asbestos removal testing.  We can also provide demolition services and garage and shed roof replacement.  Call us on 07714 655584 for more information on the services we offer and free quotations.  You can also reach us via email @ [email protected]

Asbestos Shed Removal and Roof Replacement

Sheds are obviously useful in gardens but can also be cause for concern if you suspect that the roof may contain asbestos. If you would like to have an asbestos shed roof removed but not lose the entire shed, our team of specialists can help. We handle sheds, garages and outbuildings in residential gardens and commercial buildings. Our team of experts are experienced in removing asbestos in factories, estates, warehouses and demolition sites.

A comprehensive all-in-one Asbestos Removal Service

Did you know, there is no need to completely demolish the whole shed when asbestos is on the roof? Here is why, Surrey Asbestos Specialists has trained operatives who work along local tradespeople who are capable of taking off the asbestos sheeting/tiles and replacing it with a lasting GRP Fiberglass Roof with a 30 year guarantee. This solution is cost effective, efficient and applies to a shed that is in good condition or can last more than two decades.

Alternately, the entire shed can be removed, and dismantled by our experienced operatives who have worked with sheds across Surrey and London. They know how to go about the removal processes, ensuring maximum efficiency and less disruption.

Asbestos shed removal service involves:

  • Working alongside trained local tradespeople to ensure components are disposed in a legal government approved asbestos friendly waste zone.
  • Making sure the electricity supply to the shed/outbuilding is disconnected by qualified electricians (if required)
  • The water supply to the shed is cut by a well-trained plumber (if required)
  • The shed/outbuilding is taken down safely, all asbeestos waste, and other materials are removed from site.
  • The concrete shedshed/outbuilding base is removed (if required)
  • The site is cleaned up and left in a tidy condition.
  • Ensuring all specialists are cleaned up and do not leave traces of work
  • Leaving a certificate from the Environmental conservation Agency to confirm safety of the property

Health and Safety Considerations in Asbestos Shed Removal

Prompt Removal of asbestos in shed roofs is essential. Without proper care, the microscopic fibres get in the atmosphere and pose risks to residents. Likewise, Surrey Asbestos Specialists takes the same safety-conscious approach on each project from dismantling backyard sheds to removing asbestos in industrial buildings.
Surrey Asbestos Specialists perform an audit and risk assessment. This process is done for effective situational analysis on the best asbestos removal options.
Prior to commencing all work, the shed is watered down meticulously. Watering ensures microscopic fibres do not go airborne. The team on ground works with the best equipment, wears safety suits and masks to avoid contamination.

Before performing asbestos shed removal, we ensure that a safe environment is created for our team and clients. This includes:

  • Ensuring all personnel performing Asbestos shed removal have efficient training on Non-Licensable Asbestos Works.
  • A public liability insurance
  • A hazardous waste confinement note given to all our clients that confirms safe waste and hazardous material removal
  • Surrey Asbestos Specialists are here to provide the best asbestos removal techniques for you.

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