Need an Expert for Asbestos Removal in Surbiton or New Malden?

Surrey Asbestos Specialists are your local Asbestos experts for Surbiton and New Malden and the surrounding areas.  There are still many properties within the area that contain Asbestos. We also provide demolition and  waste clearance services.  Call us on 07714 655584 for more information on the services we offer and free quotations.  You can also reach us via email @ [email protected]

Asbestos Garage Roof Removal in Surbiton

Are you worried about an asbestos garage roof? No Problem! We regularly deal with asbestos garage roof removals. Removal of asbestos can be extremely hazardous. As such, health and safety regulations state that you should seriously consider dealing with this problem using the help of qualified and highly trained experts and that’s where we come in. Surrey Asbestos Specialists is a company of certified removal experts. Our loyal clients will confirm that we are the team to complete this job.

Why choose Surrey Asbestos Specialists for Asbestos removal?

Our team special operatives is trained and certified by UKATA thus, has cutting edge industry skills to complete any job related to Asbestos. You can be guaranteed that the job will be done efficiently, safely and on time. Upon work completion, waste disposal is done at a government-approved location. The hazardous waste consignment note we provide shows that the waste has been discarded in Government approved waste facilities.

We can provide the following Asbestos removal services:

  • Removal of Asbestos from Garage and Shed Roofs (including replacement roofs)
  • Commercial and Industrial buildings
  • Factories
  • Agricultural Outbuildings
  • Warehouses
  • Demolition and Waste Removal

Are there any Health related Risks in Asbestos Removal?

There are no health related risks. Our team of experts use strict methods laid down by health and safety executives. Safety measures are taken to prevent fibres from being released during the removal process. Hazardous Waste regulations are followed fully during disposal. Our trusted operatives can remove the asbestos without supervision, all that is required is access to the work area.

 New roof replacement after an Asbestos roof removal

The old roof can be removed and a new one installed. We can supply and fit new roofs. Similarly, you can get the entire garage replaced. Our team of operatives include several tradesmen including roofers and joiners who are capable of putting up entirely new roofs using roof tiles, felt and baton, aluminum or cement sheet. For more information on any of these services, contact Lee on 07714  655 584

Can or Should I pull down my asbestos garage roof by myself?

You should never try and remove the asbestos by yourself and its reccomended that you enlist the help of a specialist. At Surrey Asbestost Specialists we have a process ensuring no fibres are released at the point of removal, we wear a specialist masks and suits for  protection. As an accredited team of professional specialists in this field, we are here to help you.

How much is the cost of having my asbestos garage roof removed?

The cost depends on the size of the property and quantity of waste asbestos. Importantly, you can get in touch with us for an exact quotation so that one of our operatives or team member can visit the site on ground for an appropriate assesment and provide a quotation for the work that is required.

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