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Surrey Asbestos Specialists is an enterprise leading asbestos removal and disposal service provider for both companies and people alike. We offer these services in the South East region of England most notably the vibrant town of Weybridge which is located in Surrey’s Elmbridge district.

The Asbestos Licensing Regulations that were legislated in 1983 birthed a new age as far as the proper handling and safe disposal of asbestos were concerned. This is because it necessitated the contractors involved in the insulation of asbestos to be registered and licensed by the Health and Safety Executive and Environment Agency (HSE). Surrey Asbestos Specialists was founded with this in mind as well as with the intention to assist citizens in the management of the risks posed by the removal and discarding of asbestos.

Our Regulatory Framework

The UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) is our main partner when it comes to relevant teaching and equipping of our staff. This is because UKATA has over the years proven to be a principal expert on matters involving the training and equipping of asbestos handling practitioners. UKATA’s continuous evaluation of its approved training providers reflects on its fidelity to ensure maintenance and advancement of asbestos training standards.

The Health and Safety Executive and Environment Agency (HSE) also regulates on the processes and techniques we utilize when removing and discarding asbestos. This therefore means that our professionals are not only approved and certified by UKATA but also bound to adhere to HSE policies. This makes them the best suited and most qualified practitioners as far as the handling of asbestos is concerned.

Our Testing Standards

Our testing techniques are also of the highest quality since we have eliminated even the slightest margin of error when it comes to the analysis of asbestos. The P402 testing standards in conjunction with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) are the major regulators of our testing mechanisms and results. UKAS is highly involved in the analysis of our asbestos samples whose evaluation can only be done through UKAS-accredited laboratories.

Our Offered Solutions

At Surrey Asbestos Specialists, we are highly flexible to the needs of our clients. This means that we are able to offer services that have specially been tailored to the challenges being faced by our customers.

These include things like :

Asbestos Piping Removal. 

When cracks begin to show on your wall or floors, there is a potential risk of being exposed to asbestos especially if your piping system was constructed with materials that contain the same. This can be even more dangerous for residential buildings with multiple tenants and industrial sites with numerous workers. There is a greater peril as a result of extended exposure to airborne asbestos fibres. We therefore recommend anyone who may be facing potential damage to the asbestos wrapping around their piping system to contact Surrey Asbestos Specialists for professional assistance.

Asbestos Floor Tile Removal

Asbestos floors pose a great health danger particularly during removal. This is due to the presence of asbestos containing products otherwise known as vinyl. It is thus recommended to engage qualified practitioners like Surrey Asbestos Specialists in the removal of asbestos flooring as opposed to doing it yourself when attempting to renovate a space.

Asbestos Roof Removal

Our asbestos roof removal services are specially tailored for barns, garages, office and residential buildings as well as sheds. Roofs are certainly the most vulnerable areas of buildings due to their constant exposure to different weather patterns. Asbestos roof removal is thus recommended in situations where asbestos cement roofs have outlived their useful life and are therefore a health risk to those living around them.

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